P + P – Location Audio Contribution

This post is just a quick precis of the location audio work I was involved with in pictures and videos, for the sake of evidencing of contribution. [GR2 + GR3 + PER4]

Shots from the set of Descent
SUPPMATT - DES Clapper Board

We get our mics everywhere –

SUPPMAT - Radio SUPPMAT - Radio Pack 2   SUPPMAT - Radio Pack 1

…and we get everywhere –

SUPPMAT - CrewSUPPMAT - UnderstairsSUPPMAT - Kitch 1SUPPMAT - Kitch













Shots from the set of Immort –

IMMORT - Tight Lipped

Cramped conditions are us…

IMMORT - Stick it whereverIMMORT - Roof MixIMMORT - Tiny Sets


Shots from the set of Remember –

REM - SUPPMAT - Afraid Mixer

REM SUPPMAT - ActorsREM - SUPPMAT - Resting Boom

————————————- 60 Words


Photographic and video evidence of location audio work carried out for three films – Contribution

[GR2] To organise and fulfil an operating strategy and schedule which deals with multiple productions simultaneously, and which maximises efficiency and minimises issues or risks to delivery.
[GR3] To provide a professional standard of service in respect to location sound recording and post-sound design / mixing.
[PER4] To contribute extensively to multiple film productions.